24 Hours in Philly

Arrived yesterday in Philadelphia, for the ALA (American Libraries Association) Midwinter Conference. 24 hours later, I've managed to:
  • Visit Independence Hall (for the third time in my life, I believe - not counting early 2002 when it was barricaded with concrete bunkers and closed to the public)
  • Visit the observation deck at the top of Town Hall (up close to the 37-foot statue of William Penn that adorns the top)
  • Ate my first Philly cheese steak sandwich in Reading Terminal Market
There are an astonishing number of homeless and/or street beggars in Philly, at least downtown. Reminds me greatly of 1980's pre-Giuliani New York. One never knows, though, whether absence of a homeless population reflects a city's prosperity, or the fact that they've cleared them away through legislation and general harrassment by safety officers.


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