The World Without Us

I'm currently reading The World Without Us / Alan Weisman, a fascinating look at what the world would do if humans suddenly - instantly - vanished from it. Far from a negative diatribe against our species, the book is an insightful and optimistic thought experiment with fresh perspective on how man has changed the planet, and how the planet has the ability to heal itself.

Here are some particular links of interest on topics mentioned in the book (will be adding links over next several days):
  • Bialowieza Pushcha Forest - Europe (and the world's) last standing primeval forest.
  • The High Line Park - nature reclaims an elevated railroad!
  • The Manahatta Project - what was Manahattan like when Europeans first arrived?
  • Paul Martin's Blitzkrieg theory - 70 genera of North American megafauna, from giant ground sloths to wooly mammoths, all vanished in just 1,000 years time (13,000-12,000 B.C.). Man first crossed from Siberia to N. America in 13,000 B.C. Coincidence?


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