One of Those Perfect Meals

It's not exactly a summertime meal, but oh, it was so good! This weekend, we enjoyed lamb shanks with a heavenly sauce, pureed white beans and roasted carrots. At this very moment, we're lolling on the couch, patting our happy tummies. Wal-Mart, not exactly my favorite place, does offer up some incredibly meaty, reasonably priced shanks.
The recipe can be found here - we made the following (good) changes:
  • Browned lamb shanks first, then removed and sauteed veggies in same oil (don't waste the tasty brown bits!)
  • Made a day ahead and chilled sauce, in order to skim maximum fat (left a couple Tbsp for flavor)
  • Instead of discarding veggies, pureed and added to sauce (absolutely crucial for a to-die for sauce)
  • Added extra veggies (garlic, celery, carrots, etc.). More is always better!