Conquering the (Bottom of) the Matterhorn

Joe and I just returned from a wonderful hiking trip in the Valaisian Alps of Switzerland. We partied with Euro 2008 soccer fans, chowed down on bratwurst in Zurich with knock-your-head-back mustard, and wore out our socks with 8 days of fabulous trekking. The high point was our last day of hiking, a challenging day that took us to a high vantage point overlooking the mighty Matterhorn.

Swiss hiking is so civilized! Mountain inns and snack bars ("buvettes") can be found in the highest, most remote locations, rendering backpacks pointless. We hope to hike in Switzerland again someday, but are aiming for South America next. Patagonia for Christmas, 2009!

PS - everything they say about Swiss trains is true.

PPS - for photos of our trip, click here.